Browsing the web today I found this really interesting article on a new monthly fashion subscription program calls the Netflix of fashion clothing.

For $49 per month, users fill out a style profile and LE TOTE's stylists send you 3 pieces of designer-quality apparel and 2 accessories. When you're done with them, send them back and you'll receive another tote of fab fashion.

You can send the totes back as often as you want and are able to make special requests, such as only tops or skirts. The clothing is laundered and inspected after each return, so you'll always get a clean, perfect outfit.

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The overall concept sounds great - I can get a new outfit every weekend if I wanted to and I can try something I might have passed on at the store.

But there are still a few questions on my mind:
  • Are plus sizes available?
  • Do customers have to pay for shipping or return shipping?
  • What if I receive an outfit that I cannot part with and must keep? How much extra will that cost?

Still, I'm excited to try this service and can't wait for the launch.

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