Look at these fab Eyeko lipglosses! Aren't they cute? And they are only $6 USD. Check them out now at Eyeko.com. Enter Ambassador Code E169 at checkout and receive a FREE gift!


Three scent-sational lip gloss tins loaded with moisturising shine and glitter!

Eyeko Cheeky Cherry Lip Gloss
Delicious lip-smacking cherry gloss with a hint of a tint and iridescent glitter for a gorgeous grin.

Eyeko Creamy Cupcake Lip Gloss
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Eyeko Rosy Pink Lip Gloss
For a taste of la vie en rose dip into this sheer pretty pink gloss poured into a vintage tattoo inspired tin.

As many of you know, the past few months have been really hard. And now my mom's back is out so I'm trying to help her as much as possible and do everything I have to do myself. And I had a horrible muscle spasm in my own back a few days ago, and I'm trying to recover from that. I have not had kids yet, so to me, that is the worst pain I have ever experienced.

Obviously, I am really looking forward to my birthday March 28. I don't know WTH I'm going to do, but I have to make that day fun. It's been one stressful moment after the other. It lands on a Saturday so woo-woo for me!

Any ideas?

(I completely forgot to announce the Starbucks winner. I'm so not here right now. Will do that tomorrow, so check back soon!)

I think I'm going to try this within the next couple days. I have looooooong hair that I've been wanting to cut but haven't. Partially because I'm lazy and partially because I don't know what I want to do with my hair. I have something like this for my iPhone, but this looks much better.

They have free and inexpensive, pay-for accounts. Doesn't it look like fun?!

DailyMakeover - thousands of hairstyles,
makeup colors & accessories to try on!

I think this is also good for brides and high school dances. You can find and play with your look virtually!


I'm so happy to finally enter a contest! I actually had some free time tonight and played around with my makeup for Rai's 80s Contest. So it's a blended spin on an 80s look.

My inspiration:


And here's my look:

Heehee! I sprayed some pink hair glitter in some of my shots to add to the 80s look. And I messed my hair a bit. Like my funky punk face?

The pink on my eyes is so much brighter in person!

Here is what I used to complete my look:

Mally Cancellation Concealer in Rich
mark. Powder Buff in Honey
Adorned with Grace Heavenly Rice Powder
mark. Good Glowing Blush
mark. eyemarker in Jet
Napoleon Perdis Color Disc 92
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Zero
Eyeko Pretty Eyes (Just the white strip)
Zalan Flower lipstick with NP 92 over
Pink Hair Glitter

I really had fun with this. I'm so glad I entered and I know I'm going to enter more!

(You know what I just realized? The first time many of you see my actual face is in a funky 80s look. Ha!)


Michael sent me this vid and it was too cute not to post. He's the biggest Beatles head ever and has really gotten me into them. I prefer their early stuff.

I did a small swap with spankedelic and received it this weekend. Here is what I received:

Sorry for the low and dark quality photo. I took it in low light with my camera phone. I only swapped for the perfume and lotion, but she sent me a few extras. *sweet*

I love lashes, so I'm always happy to get them. And I don't have a polish in this color, but I love it. I love the light glitter in it.

There was a problem, though. A nail polish broke and spilled. Luckily this is only for me and I can clean it up with nail polish remover! So it will look just as pretty as she bought it. =)

And I also received this bracelet I purchased from mark:

It's so cute and different! I wasn't sure about it when I first got it, but it looks like it's going to become my favorite accessory. (Wow - my arm looks darker on my screen!)

And this next part is a bummer. I bought mark's Pretty In Print dress because it was on clearance, but it was too tight on my boobies. Ewww. I hate returning things and it's probably going to be in my closet until I decide to donate/sell it. The woes of having a slightly larger chest...haha.

Ok. I was up yet again watching another Gunthy Renker infomercial, and I think I like these products better than In An Instant. Once I saw the neck and Décolleté cream, I was sold.

It's the same basics as In An Instant: recurring charges. And it's about $3 less with shipping. $3 to me doesn't make a difference.

What do you think? I'm definitely going to buy one line once I get low on what I have, I just don't know what yet. Ack! Decisions, decisions.

Why it works :

Cleansing is the most important thing you can do for your skin if you do it right. Meaningful Beauty Cleanse is a non-irritating formula that won't strip your skin of essential oils. Its creamy, non-foaming texture sweeps away makeup and impurities, leaving skin clean and glowing—not tight and dry. It may take some getting used to, but when you see the results you'll love your smooth, soft skin.

Why it works :

Proper skin protection starts in the morning. Maintenance 1 includes our exclusive antioxidant complex, along with a botanical blend that hydrates and revitalizes the skin. It also is designed to help shield against both UVA and UVB damage, which are the leading causes of sun damage and premature aging. Its unique micro-emulsion formula helps balance the moisture levels of all skin types: normal, oily or dry. You'll feel an amazing difference in the smoothness and softness of your skin. More importantly, you'll be delivering a daily dose of anti-aging ingredients to clarify, brighten and even skin tone.

Why it works :

When you sleep, your skin has important "repair" work to do. Maintenance 2 is specially formulated to benefit the skin overnight. Our 11 key ingredients help rejuvenate damaged skin to improve skin's firmness and diminish the visible signs of aging. Skin will appear softer and healthier-looking overnight. You'll wake up looking revitalized and refreshed. Note: Maintenance 2 is a unique type of night cream, but don't let the light texture fool you. It's delivering intensive moisture and nutrients to the skin.

Why it works :

The delicate skin around your eyes has specific challenges. Combat the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines with Meaningful Beauty Eyes. Our extra-rich antioxidant formula helps to revitalize the skin and smooth crow's feet wrinkles. Carefully selected botanicals pamper, refresh and brighten. Tired-looking eyes feel tightened and lifted.

Why it works :

There's a reason we call this our "facial-in-a-bottle" and you'll feel the difference in your skin after only 20 minutes. An infusion of antioxidants and marine extracts purifies, deep cleans and revives stressed-out skin. Dry, dead surface cells are lifted off and skin-dulling impurities are removed – revealing a fresh complexion that looks clear and radiant.

Why it works :

An extra silky formula designed to help firm, moisturize and bring life back to your skin in this often-neglected area of the neck and chest. Antioxidant ingredients are designed to reach the skin's cellular level while lush emollients have been included to leave skin velvety soft with a glowing finish. Using Décolleté feels like a treat, but expect real results: smoother, more refined skin texture and a more even skin tone.

Why it works :

This luxurious serum is designed to smooth and condition while encouraging cell renewal to help restore skin's natural vitality and brightens. Soy protein, marine botanicals, minerals, vitamin C and antioxidants help nourish, protect and revitalize skin, leaving your complexion with a youthful, luminous glow. Use in the morning before applying moisturizer or anytime for an instant pick me up.


YES! It's contest time!

I'm giving away a fabulous $20 gift certificate to Starbucks, one of my favorite places on earth! =)

Entering is simple:
1. You must be a follower of this blog and my blog for My Pretty Pink Box.
2. Leave me a comment telling me you want to enter.
3. In your comment, answer this question: What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
4. To receive an extra entry, follow me on twitter and leave your twitter name in your comment.

Want another entry? Tell your friends to follow this blog! Make sure they put your name in their comment so I know they were referred by you!

That's it! I'll take entries until February 20. I'll put all the names into a hat and will pick one at random February 23rd.


What's MY favorite drink? Venti Iced Green Tea Lemonade with extra classic sweetener. 2nd is Venti Iced Green Tea Apple Juice with extra classic sweetener. Yes! I love my green tea! And the mini vanilla scones!

Has anyone tried this? As usual, I was up at 2:30 am watching an infomercial after The Golden Girls. This one really caught my eye and the products really look like something I would enjoy. Besides helping in the long term with wrinkles and pores, it's supposed to make you look better "in an instant."

"In An Instant® is a complete skin care system that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores with products that help exfoliate, hydrate, firm and lift your skin.

Dull complexion? Instantly glowing. Dryness? Instantly moisturized. Your pores will seem smaller, your skin texture more like silk. Beautiful looking. Beautiful feeling."

I'm VERY interested in the gentle warming scrub, the firming serum, eye treatment, and wrinkle smoother to use under my eyes.

The products:

This mild, freshly scented cleanser has a light and airy foam texture that effectively cleans makeup and dirt without stripping skin of its essential moisture barrier. Gentle and soothing, it gives your skin a new start to optimize the performance of all the other In An Instant® products.

Instant Results: Skin that’s clean and feels refreshed.

This extraordinary serum uses a powerful peptide technology to help reduce the visible signs of aging in dramatic, noticeable, and with continued use, long-lasting ways. The silky-smooth formula contains light-diffusing properties that create an instantly softer and more luminous face, while increasing skin firmness and tone over time.

Instant Results: Evens out texture and tone, providing more radiance and luminosity.

Based on the same proprietary peptide technology as the Intense Firming Serum, this rich emollient smoothing cream plumps the look of wrinkles - both fine and deep. And it is designed to help promote your skin’s natural collagen production over time; even the contours around your lips should appear more plump and softer.

Instant Results: Creates a smoother, softer appearance. Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines.

This unique moisturizer is the ultimate “one-stop-shop”, containing UVA and UVB sunscreen, antioxidant protection, moisture, and skin tone eveners. With revolutionary tint release technology, the moisturizer first appears as a slight taupe shade, but as you apply to the skin the tint magically develops.

Instant Results: A healthy, radiant, even skin tone that is well-protected.

As an ideal microdermabrasion alternative, this invigorating scrub provides a deep skin-warming action that opens pores. Exclusive microsphere-based exfoliating technology helps eliminate impurities and dead surface cells to reveal a clear and vibrant complexion.

Instant Results: Smaller-looking pores and smoother skin texture.

This delicate and luxurious cream creates a soft-focus effect to give the eye area a younger, firmer look. Peptides help reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Instant Results: A vibrant, awake, more youthful appearance.

I just hate that it's a recurring charge until you cancel. Still, it looks fab!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm glad I met all of you wonderful ladies and hope to get to know you even more.

So while everyone is posting up pictures of their Hello Kitty MAC collection, I decided to post some pictures on my Hello Kitty collection. I got my car fixed today and I'm heading out tomorrow to the MAC store to pick up a few things. Yay me!

These are just some of the Hello Kitty items I have and wanted to share. Yes, I'm a 26 year old who freaking loves this cat. And Spongebob. And Funshine Bear. And Powerpuff Girls. I'm eating candy out of a HK tub at this very moment! Hee.

Some containers, stamps, figurines and my old day planner. I customized the inside of the planner myself. I created the pages in Illustrator and cut out HK paper for the tabs.

My bags. Even though I barely use them, I can't toss them. They're too cute!

My lamp that sits next to my bed.

My little ring stand that I also use for bracelets!

My jewerly armoire, which as you can see is filled.

And my clock.

Thanks for looking! =)

(I lowered the prices for the swap/sale items in the post below if you're interested!)

Here are some items that I have for swap or sale. I don't have a wishlist and I'm very open to swap items. Or just make me an offer if you want to buy and think the price is too high. I'm open!!!

All the products are new and unused. I added links where I could find them. (All these pics were taken with my iPhone, so definitely check out the links to see the correct colors.)


NYX Cosmetics $4
in soft beige
Smooth and spotless finish without being greasy!

Sugar Cosmetics $2
Beauty School Bronzing Kit
gloss cell phone charm - mini cream concealer - mini bronzer - mini brush

ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair .5oz $6

If anything interests you, please email me at pink@myprettypinkbox.com.


I needed to buy some new beauty stuff and was eyeing Smashbox. So I was really happy when I came across this coupon:

$25 off $100 purchase


Enter codes VALENTINE and E169 for 2 free gifts!


Ok you mark. Flip For It fanatics...

mark. has released 2 new Flip For It sets:

Features seven complementary products, including shimmery taupe and golden-brown shades for eyes and a soft coral shade for cheeks. Flip the palette around for peachy and melon-colored glosses, plus cinnamon and brick-red lip colors.

Los Angeles Kit includes:
Lip Colors: Melrose, Rodeo, Malibu and Beverly Hills
Eyes and Cheek Colors: Hollywood, Mulholland and Sunset Strip

Tokyo Kit includes:
Lip Colors: Sake, Cherry Blossom, Ginza and Geisha
Eyes and Cheek Colors: Shinjuku, Plum Velvet and Pink Kimono

Use code MARKFS25 for free shipping with your $25 order!

SHOP NOW at my mark store: www.lindasellsmark.com