Look what I received in the mail today!

Ms. Kimberly Tia said she was going to start making and selling these cute little crochet dolls, and I jumped at the chance and got 2! How cute are they?

A happy dappy elephant and a super silly monkey. I love these!

Thank you so much!

(By the way - I uploaded more comics to http://cynikuniverse.blogspot.com)

So I've been thinking about going to school to become a makeup artist. I'm hoping that I'll have everything together so I can take classes later this year. I don't know what school yet because there are so many, but I'm leaning towards Joe Blasco. Just another thing on my goal board I want to cross out.

I LOVE Carmindy! Love, love, love! I know she doesn't, but sometimes she looks like she wakes up that beautiful. Some people say she's the sweetest and some say she's a bitch...but I don't care. She's my favorite!

I've been trying to google where the frick she went to school and I can't find it! All I know is it's in SoCal. Hmmmm...So I emailed her from her website with this:

Hi Carmindy,

I absolutely love you on What Not To Wear. I've purchased your books and think your work is fabulous! You make me want to become a makeup artist. I would love to know where you went to school. I'm in Southern California and if the chance crosses me, I would love to go to the same school.

Thank you.


(It's not the exact same thing, but you get the idea.)

I was very shocked when I got a response. Whether or not if was her does not matter. I got a response people!!!

Hi Linda...

My makeup history is long and I've been down many different roads. What I can recommend to you it to seize every opportunity that comes your way to work in this fantastic environment. Assist professional makeup artists and leave your ego at the door, take classes and absorb everything, practice your craft on thousands of faces and know that it take years to hone your art so be patient. If fast money is what your want this is not for you. It's the love of the business that is so satisfying and the belief in women's natural beauty that is all powerful.

Good Luck on all your success!


Not what I was looking for, but still...I'm happy!

Reminder: This deal only lasts until January 25th, London time.

Enter code BEST to get a free Eyeko Manga Makeup Book + 5 free wipes. AND enter code E169 to get a bonus FREE gift! YAY!

I recommend: Eyeko Nail Polish £3.00

I opened up my P.O. Box yesterday and what did I find? A box of goodies from Kimberly Tia! I could not believe she thought of me! How sweet is she?

I have the biggest sweet tooth so candy always makes me happy! And me and my nephew dug into the Pockys right away. I think he ate most of them! He's one!

I got some cutie eye lashes which is super great because I was off today to buy a couple more pairs. It's like she knew what I was going to do today! =)

The Naive cleanser is something I was lusting after for awhile, just never bought it. Again - can read my mind! I tried it last night and it foamed up so great and left my face fresh & clean.

I also got some bath salts, a face mask, fab Revlon loose shadows and these cool face towelette thingies.


I went to Walgreens yesterday and to my surprise they were clearing out alot of crap! Good crap! These were 1/2 off at $5 each AND bogo half. So I bought 4 things for $15! Woo! The SH lipglosses were also half and bogo half.

I've been wanting a lip primer forever! I'll let you know how these work out.

See what happens when your nephew gets his first Tadoodles (toddler

Yes. I have a big confession that I have never told anyone except my Fiance. It doesn't haunt me, but some girls might gasp at the fact.

Ok, here it goes.

I have never tried MAC. (Ha - you thought it was serious!) Yes, it's true. I'm not a MAC user and I never have been. (Stop booing!)

But things are going to change because of the much anticipated Hello Kitty collection.

The funny thing is I never cared to try MAC. It's always been whatever to me. But now...duh-nuh-nuh! Hello Kitty! One of my favorite characters! Yay! So just like the rest of the world, I must have it. And I will be at the MAC store the day it's released, fighting the other beauty whores trying to grab what I want.


More eye stuff! I am in purple mode right now. =)


Beauty from the Earth in Grape on right &
Vox Cosmetics in Le Chic on left
The top is without primer and the bottom is with UDPP.

Beauty from the Earth's shadow was plenty pigmented and bright. The color really stood out on my hand and after I ran water over it, still stuck around. This isn't the brightest or best purple I've seen, but it's such a great shadow overall and mixed with black it will be so pretty!

Vox's shadow was a little bit lighter, but it had more shimmer and more of a silvery tone to it. I love this color and it looks so great as a liner. I mixed it with mark shimmer bars, added black liner, and it really popped. Love this stuff. The bad part? It wasn't as pigmented as BFTE's shadow, but still plenty colored.

On another note, my sweet sweet neighbor made this pie for my mom to help her on her way to recovery from my daddy's passing.
Isn't it the cutest pie you have ever seen? And it's made from Splenda which I hate, but you couldn't even taste the Splenda! Woo-Hoo! That means more pie for me, please.

It has been hard, but everyone has been so supportive. I don't look forward to Holidays and Xmas & the New Year were really rough. My mom is wearing black for a full year (in luto if you can understand that) and I still don't feel like going out anywhere. Just being at my mom's house with her & my little sis is really comforting.

I would eat this if I could. I probably could because of the natural ingredients, but I won't. This stuff is really delicious and made my lips feel super soft. I bought
Ooh la la Chocolate for myself and gave my sister Rosemary Mint. No complaints from her, either. I was able to buy them with a fab $10 off coupon they sent me, so make sure to sign up for their newsletter to get the best deals!

I was afraid the Chocolate was going to smell gross, like most choco products do. But this smelled like actual chocolate. Not like a product made from choco and not like dark choco, which I hate. Yay! Michael loved the way my lips felt, too, so there is an extra plus.

I am going to buy
Chocolate Cherry Almond next. Mmmmm...delicious.

I finally got to try Eyeko & I love it! Woo-hoo!

I did a mini trade with the fabulous Kristine at kisstheblogger.blogspot.com and she sent me this little sweet collection of Eyeko products:

So far I have tried the face wipe (super nice) and the tinted cream. I can't wait to try the other 2 things! Yay!

If you want to try Eyeko, enter code E123 and you'll receive a free gift.

This is a product I found from Temptalia.

Since I am deeply in love with Urban Decay's Primer Potion, I thought I would share this with you.

"Sin is very much like the original and beloved UDPP in its texture and formula, but the way it appears is different. Sin is a shimmery champagne base rather than the translucent, matte base of the original UDPP."

Woo! I am all about shimmer! I'm not a big fan of matte shadows and don't wear them very often, so I am super-duper excited about this one. It should make shimmery eyeshadows pop out a bit more and can be used alone as well.

It's expected to come out in February, so you know I will be knocking the door down when this comes out!


Ok, which LA girls are going to go with me? I bought tickets to the last one and couldn't go! =( Very sad day...So I am determined to go to this one!

Here's the info:

The New Year calls for a Girls Night Out!
Sample cool cocktail concoctions, beauty treats, games,
and more from Shecky's cool partners.
Shop hundreds of hot, one-of-a-kind items from indie designers
and boutiques across the U.S—all at up to 75 percent off!

Los Angeles

Date: Wed.-Thu., May 20th-21st, 2009
Time: 5pm-10pm
Place: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
1855 Main St. (Pico Blvd. & Colorado Ave.)

Tickets are FREE for general admission or $25 for the goodie bag. I WANT THE GOODIE BAG!

I haven't bought my tickets yet because I don't know if I am going Wednesday or Thursday.

If anyone wants to go & wants to meet me there, email me at
linda [at] yourbeautymark.com
. It's going to be FUN!

OOOOHHHH - this was at the bottom:
For 10 tickets or more, please call us to get your Girlfriend Group discount 212.242.2566

Let's do this! I'll organize!


Thank you to everyone who entered my mark. bundle contest.

I put everyone's name into a list randomizer and had the program select one name. (Oooh..so high-tech. Haha)

Congratulations to:

Kimberly Ryborz

You win a $50 mark surprise beauty bundle!
Cosmetics, bath, haircare...it's all yours!

YAY! New mark. stuff is out.

Check it out at www.meetmarkbeauty.com


I have fallen in love! I never liked Cover Girl makeup - it just didn't work for me and felt really cheap. But then this freaking cool commercial caught my eye: Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Mascara.

I went to Target with my handy dandy Christmas giftcard and bought Waterproof Black Pearl for Brown Eyes (my eyes are really dark brown).

The first thing I noticed was super easy application and no clumping. WOOHOO! It didn't perform miracles, but my lashes were long and full, better than alot of other mascaras I have tried - seriously.

I didn't notice any brightening, but I asked Michael (my Fiance) and he said he noticed my eyes looked a bit brighter. I don't know if he said that because he's my Fiance or if he really noticed a difference. Either way, I don't care. I have found my favorite mascara. =)

And here is my seal because I over-approve this mascara. HeeHee.