I THINK I like this new blogger layout. It's taking everything out of me not to change it. I'm giving it a few days before I make up my mind.

Who knew picking a friggin' layout would be so hard!?

So how was your Christmas? Michael got me a new camcorder, which I'm super excited for! My old one makes this ugly whirring sound. Bleh...

OMG - our families had our first official get-together. Yes, we've been together 7 years, but our families have never united like this. Needless to say, my nerves were on high-alert.

But it was nice. I really wish my Dad was here to join us.

-- Stops for a moment to cry. I can't talk about my Dad without breaking into tears. --

I have a cold and my voice is like that of an old man, but otherwise it was a good night. My mom made almost all of the dee-li-shus food! What did I cook? SQUAT! Yummy squat. I wanted to make a pie, but could not risk coughing into it, so I made squat. =)

What did you all eat and receive? I'll be searching the blogs today checking out your stashes.

Right now I'm off to spend my Sephora gift card. Oh yeah, baby! ;)

Here are some pics from Christmas.

Michael's Fam Bam

My Fam Bam

My Fam Bam being our silly selves

Yes - ALLLLL these people were in one house last night. Merry Christmas! =)

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  1. Ooh this layout is nice and organized! I like! I'm so picky when it comes to picking a layout lol.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Nice new layout! But ultimately YOU have to love it! LOL! :)

    I'm glad you and Michael had a great xmas with both families being able to come together! :) I'm sure your father was there in spirit celebrating amongst you all! :)

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