Forget oil blotting sheets! I found a better product for my face that keeps the shine away longer.

Victoria's Secret
PRO Matte FX Blotting Gel - $16

Our pros requested this weightless mattifier as a way to eliminate shine on the go. The resulting gel-cream reduces oil and shine for a naturally matte finish and feel.

I adore this product. ADORE. My t-zone is disgustingly over-the-top oily. Even with my primers and powders, my nose is slick in no time.

I used to carry around oil-blotting sheets, but I went through those like candy. (You know how much I love my sweets. Ahem, Lamar Odom.) And you don't want to keep caking on powder throughout the day.

Then I found this gel. I seriously can't gush enough about this gel. You dab a bit on the sponge and apply it to your trouble spots, and like magic your oiliness goes away. Plus it comes with a little mirror, so you're never left without one.

It doesn't affect your makeup, and you're left with a nice matte finish. This blotting gel lasts much longer than a blotting sheet.

For $16, this is a definite must-buy for us oily chicas. I refuse to walk out the door without this product. It's my current favorite item. =)

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  1. OOooh you know how oily I am!! ;) LOL! Thanks for sharing this! Especially since we actually have a VS now! I can go check it out! ;)

  2. OMG I MUST have! I am so oily it's unreal so this would be a need in my makeup bag. Thank you so much for posting about this!!

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