So I've been trying to decide what makeup school I should attend. I thought I was ready to take the Beauty Make-Up Course at Joe Blasco. I read some fabulous reviews and so far have heard no bad experiences at Joe Blasco. As a bonus, they were the nicest and offered the most info at the Makeup Show LA.

But then, DUN DUN DUN...

I was wandering the net last night and found the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in Hollywood. I love NP & the line, you get a 30% discount on the products, and its about $1000 cheaper than Joe Blasco!

So now I'm stuck. Let's discuss some pros and cons, shall we?

JB Pro: It's so close to my Fiance's house and I can get there without the freeway in about 8 minutes.
JB Con: $1000 more!

NP Pro: I get all NP makeup!
NP Con: I have to take the 101 and will take me 10 minutes without traffic. But of course, there will be traffic.
NP Pro: Alot more class dates than JB.
NP Con: The site says: You will be required to bring a model every Tuesday and Thursday night. I will call to confirm.

If you have any personal reviews of either school, please let me know. I've heard it's best to take a tour of the school before signing up, so I will probably do that with both.


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  1. Can't help you with this one sweety! But I wish you all the luck with whichever school you choose! :)

    Thanks soo much again for my surprise prize!! I LOVE IT ALL!! :) I seriously thought that the free May box WAS the prize! LOL!

  2. Wow. Interesting.

    Passing through via SITS to say hello.

  3. i wanna go to makeup skoo too.. but i know some in CALI tho.. not sure where u stay at.. u can try to ask YAS.. but good luck findin one soon!


  4. Ohh I love Napoleon Perdis too, I know the school here in Aus is supposed to be really fantastic!!

  5. I had gotten an email about NP having a day class for $100 now. Would that maybe be an option just to get a feel for how a class with him would work?
    Just a suggestion. :)

  6. I can't give any advice here, but good luck!!

  7. I wish you the best of luck. That is a very hard decision. I do like the free makeup and saving 1,000 dollars idea, but how much will your model cost? If you know someone who can model for free I would go to NP.

  8. read the FAQ page a ton of information for you on schools. I'm not a Napoleon fan, its very impractical for work. Best wishes on your venture!

  9. I just wanted to chime in on the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy Debate..I took the course in April and have to say that I am so happy that I chose this school over MUDD or Joe Blascoe! The tuition is much more affordable and the course is only 3 weeks! I am so confident in my makeup skills now! The academy actually sent me and another student to photo shoot they were having! Such great experience..I am so happy I went should too!

  10. Wow that's really exciting! They are both not that far from you! haha NP sounds more appealing to me...really awesome that it's $1000 less than JB and you get all NP makeup!!

  11. You'll find I'm biased because I work there, but we provide you with two make-up kits and the tuition for the Professional Course for $10,850. PLUS we give a 50% discount on all products (cosmetic or anything else) while you're a student and 40% percent off for life after graduation... just a thought :)

    -Amanda at Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Training Center Orlando

    New school in NYC this August, too!

  12. I have met amanda and I loved joe blasco ever since I toured it im sooo impressed and im set on going

  13. JOE BLASCO IS HORRIBLE AND A TOTAL RIP OFF!!!! My daughter just graduated the one in Hollywood. Never met Mr. Blasco, as promised. Joe Blasco was never even at that school between 10/10 thru 2/11 (my daughter's schooling time frame). The cost is outrageous!!! You will be paying for the next five years on absolutely nothing!! The kit was $3050.00 up front and probably worth $150.00. This is in addition to the school tuition. There were multiple teachers there so nothing was consistent. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

  14. i recently went to joe blasco in orlando and i dont want to say it was horriblr, but its definetly NOT worth the money, we got taught by an ex- student who barely knew what she was doing. Students in Orlando will get crappy teachers because it costs too much money to get real MUA from Hollywood to come out. So what happens is students in Orlando pay the same amount as students in Hollywood but we get much less education. If u can I would HIGHLY recomend going to school in hollywood... but hey if you have 11,000$ to throw around go ahead and go to Orlando, you will basically get a youtube education. Since our ex-student teacher wasnt teaching us crap i went on youtube and pretty much got the same basic info. Waste of time and money.

  15. I currently go to Joe Blasco in Orlando and it is really worth the money. But the courses are divided so there couldnt be a guarantee to meet Joe Blasco since the Beauty class is 3 weeks and then the professional class students continue so maybe they meet him in that class. He's 64 so you cant be too hard on him :(

  16. I went to Joe Blasco east and graduated in 2008....I had ashlee peterson who was nothing short of an amazing 6 time emmy nominated pro artist. Joe blasco was there more times than I can count....I learned sooo much and had a blast! The products are awesome and the 40% off for graduates is awesome! I have nothing but great reviews for JB!

  17. I went to the school in Hollywood 30, (yes, that's thirty), years ago and it was a fabulous experience. Mr. Blasco was our teacher every night, wow! We got to tour the set for General Hospital during the whole "Luke & Laura" drama....great memories and training. I found this blog looking for some JB m-up since we just moved out of SO Cal. Good luck!

  18. um...Not worth your money at all. The teachers are nice, but most of them have so little experience you might as well get your education from youtube! And yes more than likely you never get to see Mr. Blasco at all.

  19. Your blog keeps getting better and better!

  20. Ive been trying to choose right MUA school, and I found the information interesting, however I am curious to the blogger if you ever picked a school since this was started in 2009....? If so, howd you like it & where has it got you today?

  21. joe blasco is the worst make up school. don't waste your time and your money there. i attended the hollywood location, i don't know how it is on the east coast. but it was a terrible experience and a huge waste of money.

  22. I am a recent graduate from this school and I wasted my money. If i paid the tuition and living expenses (I had to travel 900miles to come to this UNPROFESSIONAL SCHOOL) I wanted to get taught the whole nine. Sadly the "highly skilled instructors" are indie artists they are arrogant, rude and EXTREMELY unprofessional. I have been in customer service for 5 years and I've learned more make up tricks from watching random strangers walk the streets than this school. Sadly I had to finish the course since i wouldve lost more money if I left mid course. I just kept thinking to myself talent is what prevails not thw youtube tricks these low grade monkeys with brushes teach. And the likeliness of meeting the Blasco himself are a trillion to one. Check out schools in canada and hollywood instead.

  23. This is half helpful im looking at Joe Blasco in Orlando FL. I don't care if Blasco is teaching us or not I just want someone good enough to learn from. Well I hope someone can help. Are there any other valued schools in Florida Orlando or winter park area.

  24. My wife was a student there, the experience was mixed. One instructor was constantly belittling the students and acting very unprofessional. The photographer that was hired to take photos of the students work was not that good. Students were able to take the pictures themselves with better quality. Lots of the time they had demonstrations by companies selling make-up, this was just a tool for the school to make money, was not beneficial to the students.

  25. i love it and would highly recommend this school xD

  26. Omg soo true there I was a student there as well and they are not profetionals at all the office is drama they treated the models we took in horrible they say all this stuff to get u to start there n hardly n e of it was true. Few days went by n had us sittin there had no work no day plan at all different teachers all the time none of then had no Idea on how to teach. Never had enough or the right supplies for us. dont go to joe blasco hollywood crap!

  27. People should do their research before blasting Mr. Blasco. He's a legend in the business & if all you're interested in doing is Beauty Makeup then stick to NP!! Special effects, characters & monster makeup will be taught at Mr. Blasco's school. All I know is I want to learn from the best & Mr. Blasco IS THERE and VERY INVOLVED w/his school. Sometimes you truly get what you pay if you're looking to save $$ & sacrifice education then that's up to you but the $$ Mr. Blasco is asking you'll make make in less than a yr!

    Who am I? A professional makeup artist that has worked in Hollywood....;) I'm all for Mr. Blasco's school (depending on what you're looking to do). this case you're going to get what you pay for & don't forget...once you're in the field you have to figure out a way to make it into the guild! ;)
    I came across this blog while doing some research & just had to add in my thoughts....

  28. Do you mind giving out your email so i can see your success. I am at this school now and am starting to think that blasco was the wrong choice. . I'd love to know i am not wasting my money.

  29. EI School has devised a wide array of intensive training courses. We offer a variety of programs from 3 days to 8 weeks long. The courses are intended for professionals in the beauty and entertainment sectors or anyone else seeking to learn the principles of make-up or perfect their skills in an area.

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