I need a new blog title! My blog is currently http://idaretocompare.blogspot.com, but I'm tired of that name. I threw up Linda G.'s Life on a Stick for now because if you knew me and the way I spoke, you would giggle. Everything to me is "on a stick."

Should I keep it? How about just my full name? Too boring? I need some suggestions. I'll send a special love pack to the best suggestion, or if I decide to keep it, I'll pick a name at random.

I have a bunch of products and I love giving away items, so once I pick a name, I have 2 other contests to put up immediately!

And don't think I forgot about your questions! If you still have any, please ask!

7 Responses so far.

  1. rainbow on a stick? ;) you seem to like lots of color.. PLUS it includes your fav. joke. tehee :)

  2. i really like "i dare to compare" so i think u u should keep it.. i think its unique.. not only does it sound just for makeup related but also other things tooo hehe but if theres a change.. i hope u find somethin ull like! knowing me.. im the worsee person and thinking of a uRL so ima have to passs hahah xoxo

    p.s: dont remember if i invited you to myy private blog but its me jesmakeup!

  3. I kinda like both the names you have now! But what about... I give up.. I don't know!! CLICK HERE IF YOU LOVE LINDA! J/k! LOL!! But I DO!!! I DO!!!

  4. I really like Izumi's Rainbow on a Stick but I really like what it is now too! Hmmm this is hard!

  5. hey there, I noticed you were listed as one of the followers on my blog, and I just wanted to remind you of the upcoming deadline in the contest. If you wanted to register - now is the time. Just go to the main page - http://myownjudge.blogspot.com/ and enter your e-mail into the Form at the top of the page. The random choice of the winners will be done via another website, so I wanted to make sure everyone showing me support got a chance to win!

    Thanks! Yaya

  6. I like your current name, but....

    - Linda's Makeup Box
    - Lets Talk Makeup
    - Beautify Me, Chica!

    LOL. I'm not quite good at this.

  7. -Linda's Beauty Mark (another hit at your avon money maker)
    -Rejoice In My Choice (lmao couldn't pass up a corny suggestion!)
    -Beautiy Me Cap'n!
    -Color Me Linda
    -Bright Lights, Big Cosmetics Bag

    I'm sure I'll think of more soon... lol

    hope you had a good birthday

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